Pro Scouting Report: Ben Nauman

Safety Ben Nauman didn't play at major college conference football, but an NFL scout's report on the Vikings' rookie free agent shows an aggressive, tough player. Read the same analysis on Nauman provided to NFL teams before the draft.

NFL Scout's Notes On Ben Nauman:

Key and Diagnose: Processes well. Gets good jumps on the ball, run or pass. Didn't see him burned out of position, but will be over aggressive on occasion.

Man Cover: You can man him up on slot receivers at this level, but able speed for NFL. Going to be OK on TEs.

Back Pedal and Turn: Shows good feet and flexibility to turn and run. A little high in pedal and will get on heels some.

Zone: Better zone player than man to man. Instincts, range, good anticipation. Ballhawk.

Ball Reaction: Able to get himself into position to make plays on the ball. Aggressive going for ball. Hands for interception.

Range/Catch Up: Shows good speed at this level to make up for a mistake.

Jump/Adjust: Athletic to run, jump, adjust to ball in air. Not intent to just play a receiver. Goes for the ball.

Catch/Hands: Able to snatch/pluck ball with hands.

Run Support: Active in run support. Will attack lots. Takes good angles. Will get over aggressive and overrun some plays.

Tackling: Packs a punch for someone his size. Will fill the alley, break down and deliver solid strikes. Can be an explosive hitter.

Personal Character: Very personable. Great kid. Wears hair longer. Will drink a beer and likes to have a good time. Very loyal to friends. Supportive family.

Football Character: Tough kid. Fiery leader. Will be a captain. Will talk some smack and get after kids. Standup guy. Will take blame when things have gone poorly. Very coachable.

Athletic Ability: Good quickness and feet. Good agility and balance. Adequate change of direction and flexibility. Good acceleration.

Competitiveness: Fun to watch cause he's into it. Tough kid. Hitter. Will take a shot anytime and it might be a cheap shot.

Mental Alertness: Instinctive player. Augustana's coverages can be confusing and he handles them well. Should be capable of handling mental side.

Strength: Needs more upper body strength, but combines good quickness with marginal strength for some ability to explode as a hitter.

General Summary: Plays some eighth man in the box and two-deep, but to me he's more of a natural free safety. Well-built kid. Playmaker. Knack for being where the ball is. Gets good jumps, run or pass. Can run/hit and change direction. Active. Has a thug-like attitude on the field. Reckless with his body. Will attack the line of scrimmage vs. the run. Takes good angles to the ball, packs a punch for someone his size. Can be a little hyperactive and will overrun some plays vs. the pass. He's going to play zone better than man-to-man. Shows range, instincts, hands. Can play center field. Good ballhawk. Always mixing it up and messing with receivers' heads downfield. Hustler on special teams. Returns kickoffs, gunner on punt team and has blocked three kicks. Good football savvy, leader on the field. Will need to get bigger/stronger and doesn't run as well as you'd like, but he does jump out on film.

Production: Leading tackler on the team. Contributes vs. run/pass. Also returns kickoffs, gunner on punt team and has played all special teams. Leader and playmaker.

Durability: Players' overall durability had been good during college career.

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