Pro Scouting Report: Alan Reuber

Is rookie free agent Alan Reuber a long shot or an up-and-coming developmental prospect? See what one NFL scout has to say about the Vikings' offensive lineman.

NFL Scout's Notes On Alan Reuber:

Initial Quickness: Adequate quickness out of stance and into defender.

Explosion/Pop: Adequate explosion and pop into defender to get movement and advantage.

Position/Sustain: Adequate strength to sustain blocks. Will shuffle feet to maintain position.

Run Block: Good run blocker. Can get movement and open lanes. Can work feet to wall off.

Pulling/Trap: Adequate pull and trap player. Has balance agility.

Adjust on LB/Downfield: Adequate to anticipate path of the linebacker and to break down and make a block.

Pass Block: Good pass protection with punch and lateral movement to maintain pocket. Has good athletic ability to adjust.

Use Of Hands/Punch: Adequate punch to jolt rusher but will get hands too wide at times.

Foot Quickness/Slide: Adequate slide to pick up blitzer or twist. Can work to maintain position.

Personal Character: Good kid. Does what is asked. Trustworty. No issues on or off the field. Well-like by all. Has fun. Easy-going kind of guy.

Football Character: Works hard on and off the field. Wants to be a player. Does the extras.

Athletic Ability: Adequate athletic ability. Can bend knees. Can play in space. Has balance and lateral movement to maintain pocket.

Competitiveness: Adequate competitor at this point.

Mental Alertness: Adequate ability to adjust to game situations. Can make the calls if needed. Should get better with playing time.

Strength/Explosion: Good strength to control the line of scrimmage and get movement. Has ability to sustain blocks. Adequate explosion in punch to jolt rusher.

General Summary: Alan is a big kid that has adequate athletic ability for his position. He can bend his knees and get into a stance. He had adequate quickness out of his stance and into defenders. He can get position and sustain blocks with strength and lateral movement. He can pull and trap with vision and anticipation of linebackers. He has balance and body control to break down and make the block. A good pass blocker that has an adequate punch with good lateral movement and ability to recover if out of position. He can pick up a blitz or stunt and work well in double teams. He is a player on the rise.

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