Pro Scouting Report: Grant Wiley

Grant Wiley has been mentioned as one of the Vikings' better rookie free agent prospects this year, but see what one NFL scout thinks are the strengths and weaknesses of the linebacker.

NFL Scout's Notes On Grant Wiley:

Key and Diagnose: Adequate instincts. Can read his keys and diagnose plays quickly.

Inside Run: Fills quickly and shows strength to stack at the point vs. the lead blocker.

Playing Strength/Shed: Shows adequate strength in his play, but struggles to shed blockers consistently.

Over TE/Use of Hands: Forearm flipper. Struggles to get off blocks.

Outside Run: Adequate speed to close and reach the play, but lacks great agility to sift through trash.

Lateral Pursuit/Flow: Gives effort but will overrun the play and takes questionable angles sometimes.

Tackling/In and Out: Grab and drag type. Will leave his feet and whiff at times.

Man Cover: Lacks flexibility and quickness to play in space. Marginal cover guy.

Pass Drop/Hips: Lacks hip flex and struggles to turn. Gets in the passing lanes and gets his hands on some balls.

Zone/React To Ball: Awareness in coverage. Plays shallow. Shows adequate reaction.

Catch/Hands: Hands catcher. Looks comfortable extending above for the catch.

Blitz and Rush: No rush moves. Will gear down into the blocker and stay blocked.

Personal Character: Single with no kids. No known character problems. Does have some prick in him.

Football Character: Vocal leader. Has matured with time into a worker. Dependable. Liked and respected by teammates.

Athletic Ability: Adequate athlete. Normal stride with adequate burst and change of direction. Stiff through his hips. Struggles in space.

Competitiveness: High motor. Very aggressive player with energy and linebacker temperament.

Mental Alertness: Test indicates adequate ability to learn and retain information. Adequate student.

Strength/Explosion: Adequate strength, but lacks explosion in his tackles. Shows strength at the point of attack to clog it up.

General Summary: Grant is an inside backer with adequate instincts and an aggressive temperament. He is an adequate athlete with a high motor and gets adequate production. He shows instincts to quickly read his keys and diagnose the play. Versus the inside run fills the hole quickly with adequate force one for one. Hand use is marginal as he will take on blocks with his forearm and struggles to get off quickly. Versus the outside run, he shows adequate speed to reach the edge but lacks flexibility and struggles to adjust on the move. His agility is marginal to adequate as he struggles to get around trash and moving down the line, and is out of control at the play point too often. He does display effort in pursuit. His motor is consistent and shows a nasty streak in his play. He struggles in man coverage because of his lack of flexibility and foot quickness. Better in zone, as he shows awareness and knows how to play the passing lanes. Gets his hands on balls despite playing at shallow depth. Overall, I feel Grant is a high-motor linebacker who has adequate instincts and plays aggressive. He is aware and productive but lacks flexibility and agility to play in space.

Production: Aggressive player with true linebacker temperament. Brings attitude and production to the field.

Durablity: Player has been durable.

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