Pro Scouting Report: Jeff Womble

The Vikings saw enough positives in nose tackle Jeff Womble to give him a chance as an undrafted free agent. See what one NFL scout thinks are his strengths and weaknesses.

NFL Scout's Notes On Jeff Womble:

Initial Quickness: Adequate initial and in-line quickness. Not going to get on an edge but can get some penetration in a gap upfield.

Instincts/Recognition: Adequate. Has adequate awareness to locate and flow with the ball. Average feeling pressure.

Defense Run: Good. Has size and strength to plug gaps and play stout at the point of attack. Can push and close lanes. Not in the backfield much.

Neutralize/Double Team: Good. Has good strength to hold the point, but can get tied up and struggle vs. the double.

Defeat Block: Adequate. Can get some upfield penetration of the snap. Doesn't get upfield on an edge. Has good strength but can get tied up.

Lateral Pursuit/Effort: Adequate. Has adequate change of direction and in-line quickness. Gives good effort to chase but lacks the speed to get outside.

Pass Rush: Adequate bull rusher. Not going to get penetration on an edge. Don't see him much here.

Use of Hands: Adequate. Has good upper strength but has short arms and will let offensive linemen get inside. See him getting tied up.

Close on QB: Adequate. Not going to run down and close on the chase.

Personal Character: Marginal. A quiet kid with likeable personality, but makes questionable decisions off the field. Not real responsible with school. Has some follower to him.

Football Character: Adequate. An adequate worker that needs to be pushed in the weight room. Not going to do the little things on his own. A non-leader. Is easy to coach, but needs reps.

Athletic Ability: Adequate. Two-gapper. Has adequate quickness to get upfield and in a gap, but don't see the in-line to get on an edge. Has size and strength to play stout and plug in the middle. Shows some build-up speed to get outside.

Competitiveness: Good. Plays with good effort. Will run to the ball and battle inside.

Mental Alertness: Marginal. Adequate football awareness. Not going to anticipate the play. Test score is adequate, but is going to need reps.

Strength/Explosion: Good. Not a great leverage player, but has strength to hold the point. Struggles some vs. doubles. Not great explosiveness off the ball and in in-line quickness.

General Summary: Jeff is a two-gap nose tackle that plays with adequate football instincts and has good size and strength to play the point. . Makes plays down the line of scrimmage, but shows some up-field quickness to disrupt off the snap and has nice size and strength to plug and squeeze run lanes at the point of attack. However, he has short arms and can be tied up and struggles to get off the blocks. He's an adequate tackler inside, but will struggle to finish in space. He doesn't give you much as a pass rusher but can bull rush and push the pocket overall.

Body description: Short, wide body frame. Thick, round torso. Has belly. Short arms and legs.

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