Pro Scouting Report: Deandre' Eiland

Sixth-round draft choice Deandre' Eiland is a versatile defensive back with good athletic skills. See the details of what one NFL scout thinks are his strengths and weaknesses

NFL Scout's Notes On Deandre' Eiland:

Key and Diagnose: Marginal read and reaction skills. Late to recognize, locate and react.

Man Cover: Not great size, but shows adequate foot quickness and strength to jam and control. Good speed to ride the route. Marginal anticipation.

Back Pedal and Turn: High in pedal, but athletic. Fluid in his movements. Shows balance and quickness. Explosive plant and drive out of pedal.

Zone: Gets depth and reads the field. Can work downhill in a hurry. Will get caught guessing and reading the quarterback.

Ball Reaction: Explosive plant and drive. Once he locates the ball he can close in a hurry.

Range/Catch Up: Good burst, acceleration and straight-line speed to cover the field.

Jump/Adjust: Adequate timing and anticipation to go up and get the ball. Athletic kid that can play the ball in the air once he locates it.

Catch/Hands: Adequate hands. Did not see interceptions, but caught the ball at practice.

Run Support: Not tentative at the point. Will come up and stick his head in. Works through blocks and accelerates to the ball. Will strike and shed with good quickness.

Tackling: Non-explosive tackler. Will leave his feet to grab and drag down. Adequate open-field tackler.

Second Position/Special Comments: Adequate teams player. Good initial quickness with good long speed to cover the field. Adequate open-field tackler. Would come in and contribute immediately on special teams.

Personal Character: Good character kid. Well-liked. Quiet. Does like to party a bit. No off-field or stability issues.

Football Character: Hard worker in the weight room. Good practice player. Has some leadership qualities. More of an example leader.

Athletic Ability: Good. Good straight-line speed. Shows a good burst and acceleration to cover the field and recover. Good plant and drive and accelerates to the ball. Shows good vertical to go up for pass break ups and interceptions. Adequate change of direction and lateral quickness.

Competitiveness: Competitor on the field. Gives good effort throughout the play. Chases across and down the field.

Mental Alertness: Makes the calls on the defense. Can take it from the chalk board to the field. Marginal test score. Doesn't work hard in school and struggles with grades.

Strength/Explosion: Adequate strength on contact. Good explosion in stride and plant and drive.

General Summary: An athletic free safety. He's a smooth athlete that's fluid in his movements. He doesn't show great football instincts and will get caught guessing and peeking in the backfield. In man-to-man coverage, he shows adequate strength. He's high in his pedal but shows adequate balance control and foot quickness. He shows adequate hips to turn and run with adequate feet to mirror and ride the route. He struggles to anticipate routes down field and will often give up his cushion in and out of breaks. In zone he gets adequate depth in his pedal but doesn't show great football instincts and awareness to anticipate and react on time. Once he locates he shows a clean push and drive with good burst and acceleration to the ball. He takes good angles and shows good acceleration and long speed to chase and recover across the field. He shows good timing and coordination to get a hand in for a pass breakup or interceptions. Versus the run, he's OK to support and is a willing tackler. He works downhill in a hurry and shows adequate wrap and finish. He has shown big-hit ability when receivers cross the middle. Overall is a good athlete with size/strength and speed.

Body Description: Adequate overall muscle tone. Adequate lower thickness in his thighs and quads. Adequate definition in his arms.

Additional Comments: National high school record holder in the 55-yard dash. State champion in the 110 hurdles. Lists fast cars as one of his hobbies.

Production: Tough kid that is willing to hit. Not timid or afraid of contact. Good run support. Marginal man-to-man cover skills. Competitor that works hard from snap to whistle.

Durability: Player has been durable. Durability does not appear to be a concern.

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