Pro Scouting Report: Rod Davis

Linebacker Rod Davis had great production at Southern Mississippi, but does he have the instincts to make it on the pros? See what one NFL scout thinks about his chances to make it in the pros with the same information provided to NFL teams before the draft.

NFL Scout's Notes On Rod Davis:

Key and Diagnose: Inconsistent in his reads. Will be slow to read. Takes questionable angles. Adequate versus the inside run.

Inside Run: Can find the ball Not an aggressive player. Is soft and not a take-on guy.

Playing Strength/Shed: Soft. Not stout in take-on and shedding. Marginal lower body strength. Stays blocked. No strike.

Over TE/Use of Hands: Does not use hands to strike or protect his legs with.

Outside Run: Has marginal speed to the perimeter. Has the quickness to get to the edge.

Lateral Pursuit/Flow: Has lateral quickness. Will give up in pursuit and shut down.

Tackling/In and Out: Will hit and wrap up. A face-up tackler. Good in the open field.

Man Cover: Lacks speed to play man coverage downfield. Adequate man cover ability in a short area.

Pass Drop/Hips: Has Adequate speed in his drops. Has some tightness in his hips.

Zone/React To Ball: Has adequate change of direction and awareness in zone coverage.

Catch/Hands: Has adequate hands to catch with.

Blitz and Rush: Has OK swim move. Will use his hands. Did whiff and showed marginal body control to finish.

Personal Character: Is single with no children. An outgoing person, is responsible and accountable sociable guy.

Football Character: Is the vocal leader on the defense. Is a self-starter that can take hard coaching. Four-year starter. Is respected by teammates.

Athletic Ability: Has good athletic ability. Quicker than fast. Swift-moving linebacker that is OK between the tackles. Effective on the blitz. Can defeat O-linemen with athletic ability and quickness.

Competitiveness: Shut it down several times in pursuit. Can be lethargic in his play. Inconsistent with effort.

Mental Alertness: Inconsistent with reads on the field. Better inside vs. the run. Adequate student. Can learn and retain.

Strength/Explosion: Has adequate playing strength and lower body explosion. Has short-area quickness. Is soft in take-on and does not shed well.

General Summary: Has good size and marginal speed. He is a good athlete that is quicker than fast. Rod's football instincts are adequate. He will be slow to read and react and takes questionable angles in pursuit. Rod can find the ball vs. the inside run. He is a slip and avoid guy that is soft when taking on blocks. Rod does not strike and stays blocked. He is raw with hands and showed marginal use to strike and protect his legs. Rod has limited speed to the perimeter He has lateral quickness, but quit in pursuit several times. Rod is a good tackler that will face up a ball carrier. He makes plays and can tackle in the open field. Rod has athletic ability and quickness to play man coverage in a short area. He has adequate speed in his drops but did show some tightness in his hips. He is quick on the blitz and has adequate acceleration to the QB. Rod can defeat an O-lineman with athletic ability and quickness. He was out of control on one occasion and whiffed when he had a clean shot at the QB. Overall, Rod is an inside backer with limited speed for the next level. He is inconsistent with his effort and will play lethargic.

Body Description: High, thick calves. Wide shoulders. Adequate chest thickness. Adequate overall muscle definition and mass.

Production: Has excellent production on paper. Inconsistent with effort. Can be lethargic. Does not play with consistent sense of urgency.

Durability: Has missed no time due to injury.

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