Pro Scouting Report: Darrion Scott

Many felt a shoulder injury kept Darrion Scott from being a late first-round, early second-round draft choice. See what one NFL scout had to say about Scott's moves at Ohio State.

NFL Scout's Notes On Darrion Scott:

Initial quickness: Good initial quickness and get-off speed.

Instincts/Recognition: Good instincts and awareness. Follows the ball well.

Defense Run: Struggles to get off blocks. Can't hold point of attack well enough.

Neutralize/Double Team: Gets killed too often. Gets engulfed by big linemen.

Defeat Block: Needs to use hands better. Can get held up easily.

Lateral pursuit/effort: Good effort. Runs hard through the trash.

Tackling: Solid tackler.

Pass Rush: Good upfield motor and technique. Needs to just fire upfield without all the dancing.

Use of Hands: Adequate use. Has technique on pass rush. Needs to shed better with them.

Close on QB: Good foot speed to close. Good agility to change direction quickly.

Personal Character: Good kid. Quieter personality. Well-liked. No off-field problems. Gets along with teammates. Brother is a walk-on linebacker at Ohio State.

Football Character: Hard worker. Doesn't love the weight room. Better athlete. On time. Tough. Low maintenance guy.

Athletic Ability: Good athlete. Recruited as a linebacker. Good foot speed, agility and balance. Good explosion off the edge.

Competitiveness: Good competitor. Comes hard. Will chase the play. Good effort.

Mental Alertness: No problems learning. Plays with good instincts and awareness.

Strength/Explosion: Adequate strength but had good upfield explosion.

General Summary: Darrion is a good athlete that competes hard and has a good motor. Good first step, quickness upfeild. Has the awareness to follow the ball and runs hard to it. Can handle directions very well off the field and has good closing speed on the QB. He uses his hands well with pass rushing technique but gets tied up too often and can't shed. He needs to use better strength and keep his hands moving to avoid being held. Once he is held he has great difficulty disengaging from his man. He struggles vs. the run at the point of attack. Has a hard time maintaining his feet vs. the double team. Should be more athletic to avoid it, but he tries to leverage it too often. Not a guy that can stack it up and strength to play laterally. He runs hard to the ball when he is freed up. Darrion has some real natural pass rush skills, but he dances around some and doesn't just explode upfield.

Production: Disruptive edge rusher. Moves around to LE and DT. Good athletic ability. Compete hard. Chases the ball.

Durability: Good durability.

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