Pro Scouting Report: Dontarrious Thomas

Second-round draft pick Dontarrious Thomas is moving back to the weak side in the NFL, his more natural position. Find out what one NFL scout says about Thomas' skill set, the same information provided to NFL teams before the draft.

NFL Scout's Notes On Dontarrious Thomas:

Key and Diagnose: Good. Plays with good football instincts and awareness vs. the run. Locates and tracks the ball quickly. Just adequate in coverage.

Inside Run: Good. Will come downhill and takes on with nice strength. Best using his hands to shed.

Playing Strength/Shed: Good. Takes on blocks well with his hands. Able to separate and get off blocks quickly.

Over TE/Use of Hands: Good. Takes on and sheds quickly.

Outside Run: Outstanding. Able to run sideline to sideline. Change of direction is adequate, but can cover field. Runs to ball well.

Lateral Pursuit/Flow: Outstanding. Able to run through and avoid traffic well. On the move, gives great effort in pursuit.

Tackling/In and Out: Good. A solid tackler, brings arms to wrap up and secure. Has some pop to him.

Man Cover: Adequate. Will struggle to maintain position in short area. Feel is just average.

Pass Drop/Hips: Adequate. Is high in his drops. Looks to have some stiffness in hips to turn and drop quickly.

Zone/React to Ball: Adequate. Doesn't locate and pick up the receivers well. Sees things late. Gets frozen.

Blitz and Rush: Good. Has speed to close off the edge. Gives effort and will run down from backside.

Personal Character: Good. A solid character kid with no holes to him. Has a quiet personality. Is mature and responsible off the field. Does well in school.

Football Character: Outstanding. A great worker. Not a highly recruited kid. Self-made type that came in at 195 pounds. Pushes himself and does extra on his own. Example leader with good team attitude. Coachable.

Athletic Ability: Good. Looks a bit high. Has some stiffness in hips for change of direction. Good speed. Can chase and adjust on the move. Breaks down well.

Competitiveness: Good. Plays with nice effort and toughness. Runs to the ball with effort through the play. Has toughness to take on blocks and goes to the whistle.

Mental Alertness: Good, smart kid. Has good intelligence to learn and retain things quickly. Shows good awareness vs. the run and adequate in coverage.

Strength/Explosion: Good. Has good playing strength. Uses hands well to take on and shed blocks inside. Not a stuffer, but has pop in contact and shows some acceleration to chase.

General Summary: Dontarrious is a productive Will backer with good size, athletic ability and rare speed to cover the field and makes plays. He plays tough with good instincts and awareness vs. the run. He comes downhill and uses his hand well to take on and play strong at the point of attack. He shows some ability to slip, but is best when he plays physical at the point. He's quick to get outside and track the ball on the move with outstanding acceleration to close. Makes plays in pursuit. He is a reliable wrap-up tackler that fits in the open and can strike on the run. He's adequate in pass coverage. Doesn't show much feel and awareness to anticipate and make plays on the ball. Overall, I see Dontarrious as a solid starter in the league that will contribute immediately as a backup and teams player.

Body Description: Tall frame with long arms and legs. Good upper body development. Thick chest and shoulders. High butt. Long, thin legs. Tiny ankles.

Production: Plays with good instincts. Quick versus the run. Has speed to cover the field.

Durability: Good. Played a lot of football.

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