Lesnar Ready For Next Step

Typically, an undrafted free agent signing is met with a newspaper bullet item available in the local paper or USA Today. Wednesday proved Brock Lesnar is no typical free agent.

Somewhere, old school college scouts are scoffing between scotch and sodas -- lamenting over the Vikings signing of Brock Lesnar.

While a player like USC wide receiver Mike Williams sits in limbo because of a court ruling invalidating his entrance into the NFL because of -- in reality -- a lack of college playing experience, Lesnar hasn't played football since his high school days in South Dakota.

Scoff as the must, Lesnar became perhaps the first undrafted rookie in NFL history to have a meet and greet press conference. If not for the Twins sweeping the White Sox in the afternoon, the Lesnar press conference would have led the sports telecasts. Even so, every station made it a priority item, as did ESPN and FOX Sports Net.

When asked about his transition, Lesnar made a cryptic comment, saying, "For me, it will be much more mental than physical."

Even though Lesnar is a huge longshot to make the final 53-man roster -- coach Mike Tice has already said he would be ideal for the practice squad -- simply seeing him in shoulder pads will add to the typical madness of the opening of training camp. While he is trying to do a crash course on NFL defensive schemes as well as learning what individual offenses bring to the table, Lesnar will be the most photographed player this side of Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper.

It will be a spectacle. Fans who ordinarily wouldn't show up to get an "up close and personal" view of the Vikes before very well might now that a wrestling superstar is included in the mix.

Good luck, Brock. You're going to need it. Few players in the NFL will be under a stronger microscope than he will. Every good play will be magnified, as will every bad. For a player getting on the field for the first time in almost a decade, that may be hard scrutiny to take.

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