Thomas Standoff Shouldn't Last Long

The Vikings fully expected having all of their players in uniform and going through the required player drudgery of training camp. As now, there is one MIA -- and VU has heard that the situation should be rectified very soon or lines will be drawn in the sand.

In the flurry of signings that have happened in the last 48 hours in the NFL, the expected holdup would be with first-rounders like Kellen Winslow, who turns down offers because he and his agent believe he should have been taken earlier.

Few players, except maybe Ben Roethlisberger, could whine about their draft positioning more than Vikings first-round choice Kenechi Udeze. He could have, and should have, gone to the Jaguars with the ninth pick, but with a top-heavy draft of wide receivers, Udeze fell happily into the Vikings hands.

However, second-round pick Dontarrious Thomas was a different story. On draft day, he told VU he "might drop into the second round" -- an indication his handlers were considering him a first-round prospect. Throw in that the Vikings moved up to take him and effectively anointed him a starter, there are reasons for his agent looking for a sweetheart deal.

But the bottom line remains that Thomas is a second-round pick with a slotted salary range. If another team made a ridiculous deal with a player last year in the same slot is a matter to be brought up there, not here.

VU has been told that a deal will likely be struck soon. If not by the end of the weekend, the Vikes are willing to put a "last offer" out. If Thomas' agent wants a four-year deal (when unrestricted free agency begins) as opposed to a five-year deal, that can be worked out over coffee and bagels.

As poet lauriet Larry the Cable Guy is wont to say, "Get 'er Done."

* Udeze's deal is listed as a five-year, $8 million contract. VU is being told that there are a couple of escalator clauses, but the selling point was $5.1 million in up-front bonuses.
* As if the sideshow atmosphere surrounding Brock Lesnar's arrival at Mankato wasn't bad enough, he was accompanied by his girlfriend -- known alternately as Sable when she was employed by Vince McMahon of World Wrestling Entertainment and as Rena Mero when she was in litigation with McMahon. Regardless of what happens ultimately with Lesnar's career, if you're a wrestling-head, let us quote Jim Ross -- "Business is about to pick up."
* VU has been told that jersey suppliers have been anxiously awaiting Lesnar's first official appearance with a jersey number to start production. Keep in mind that Randy Moss wore No. 18 all through training camp his rookie year. And we still chuckle at the sight of the No. 85 "Kleinsasser" jerseys.

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