McCombs, Taylor Continue Talks

The Vikings and Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor continue to get closer to making a deal to sell the Vikings to Minnesota investors.

Of all the famous and infamous people that tend to hang around and make appearances at NFL training camps, one that got attention as soon as he was seen Thursday was Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor.

Taylor, who has been the subject of many discussions concerning Red McCombs' willingness to sell the Vikings, came in unannounced to camp, but it didn't stay that way long. Within an hour, he had been set up in a booth and was signing autographs for fans interested in seeing what a billionaire's signature looks like.

VU has been told that there hasn't been significant progress in the main sticking point -- money. McCombs wants $600 million for the team, Taylor has said to be offering $400 million.

While no deal is imminent, some are taking his visit to camp as a sign he wants to look over the product a little more closely before making a deal. Don't expect a sale to come during the season, but it's now looking like McCombs will have a difficult time relocating the team if local interest in buying it remains strong. Now if we can just get them to agree on a price.

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