Oh, Smith

The Vikings — without officially giving a nod of recognition — prepare for the first four games without running back Onterrio Smith.

When Onterrio Smith was drafted in the fourth round last year, Vikings coaches and personnel were quick to say that they had Smith rated 32nd overall — technically a first-rounder — on their board.

When asked why he lasted until the fourth round, one coach made the international symbol for smoking pot — a thumb pressed against an index finger and an inhaling sound.

Thanks to a problem at Tennessee, Smith was placed into the league's substance abuse program. Thursday, the hammer fell. Smith, who obviously had a separate issue between college and today, is expected to be suspended for four games by the league.

The announcement comes as a surprise to the Vikings, who didn't comment on the matter Thursday night. Smith remains with the team in Atlanata, but his long term future has come into question.

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