Fowler Bid In Jeopardy?

When Arizona businessman Reggie Fowler announced he had a group prepared to make an offer that Red McCombs would accept to sell the Vikings, there was some panic among nervous Vikings fans. Now Fowler's business has come under fire, which could affect his attempt to buy the team.

When Reggie Fowler's name first surfaced as a potential buyer for the Vikings, there were two schools of thought. One was "who is Reggie Fowler?" since few people in Minnesota had heard of the Phoenix businessman. The other was panic -- another out-of-state owner with no local ties looking to make the Vikings the crown jewel of his business portfolio.

But, there may be more people than just fans asking questions about Fowler's bid. VU has obtained documents that claim that, in the same six-year period that Red McCombs has owned the Vikings, Fowler and his company -- Spiral, Inc. -- have been sued 19 times for non-payment of bills.

While lawsuits aren't unusual for large companies, more than half of the suits have been settled or won by the plaintiffs. When asked if that was typical, a business attorney with knowledge of the Fowler group called the number and the number of winning suits against the company "unusual."

Will this be enough for Fowler's group to have a difficult time getting approval from the other 31 NFL owners should McCombs agree to his offer? VU is hearing it's not a death blow to the proposal, but it doesn't help -- which could keep the Vikings on the open market a while longer.

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