Final Cuts Loom Sunday

With final rosters needing to be cut to 53 players by Sunday, the Vikings face some tough decisions as to who will stay and who will go.

The Vikings, like the other 31 teams in the NFL, need to get their roster trimmed to 53 players by Sunday. While some of the cuts will be easy to make, there are others that will be much more difficult.

The popular belief is that wide receiver Ben Nelson, who had a strong training camp, has earned a roster spot, but that is likely to happen only if the Vikes keep six wide receivers -- or the unlikely event that Nelson surpasses Keenan Howry.

Similar questions exist on offensive line and in the secondary, where the Vikings may want to keep an extra player -- which would likely come out of the wide receiver numbers.

Any way you look at it, the numbers are going to be difficult to crunch and some tough cuts are going to have to be made by Mike Tice and his staff.

* There was some talk that Jermaine Wiggins' starting job and even his roster spot were up for grabs this week and that theory was proved Thursday when the Vikings played Wiggins all four quarters of the game. But, he responded with a solid outing, including a touchdown on the only drive with the first unit.
* The Vikings didn't allow Randy Moss to play Thursday, but that was nothing compared to the shutdown the Seahawks put in place. None of the skill position starters -- QB Matt Hasselbeck, RB Shaun Alexander and WRs Koren Robinson and Darrell Jackson -- saw any action Thursday.
* The defensive holding rule was back in play again Thursday. While the Vikings were only officially called for one pass interference penalty, three other penalties that were called were declined because the Seahawks caught the pass in question -- which makes you wonder how severe the interference was in the first place.
* Red McCombs got a backup from Forbes magazine, which estimated the value of the Vikings at $604 million -- close to Red's asking price.
* The owner of Gateway Inc. is the latest billionaire rumored to be interested in buying the Vikings, but, as of now, has not made an official offer for the team.
* Deandre' Eiland did just about everything he could to hurt his chances of making the team -- dropping an interception, touching a blocked kick that put the ball on the 2-yard line instead of the 20 and getting called for a defensive holding penalty (which was declined after the pass was caught).
* There is still no word on the Onterrio Smith suspension. Some in the Vikings are holding out hope the a decision won't be made until next week. If it isn't made official by Monday, Smith would be able to play in the season opener vs. the Cowboys, but the odds on that are slim at best.

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