Rogers Final Vikes Cut

The Vikings finalized their 53-man roster Sunday by releasing Nick Rogers -- ending a sad saga that had many twists and turns.

Barring something unforseen, the name Nick Rogers won't have a lasting place in Vikings lore. But Rogers is a prime example of what makes or breaks an NFL career.

After making a slew of cuts Saturday, the Vikings got down to a final 53-man roster by releasing Rogers Sunday.

It wasn't Rogers' fault that he had three different defensive coordinators in his 27 months as a Viking. It wasn't his fault that those different defensive minds couldn't collectively decide if he was better suited as a linebacker or a pass-rushing defensive end. It wasn't his fault that his value to someone else was worthy of trying to work out a trade Sunday afternoon.

When the season starts, Rogers will likely be on an NFL roster -- his fourth D-coordinator in 27 months. But, with time, he will have a place in the NFL. Unfortunately, it won't be with the Vikings.

If the release of Lewis Kelly didn't teach Vikings fans anything, it's that the NFL isn't always fair. It's not show friends, it's show business. See you down the road, Nick.


The Turk came calling thoughout the NFL -- claiming victims great and small. A sampling:
* West Coast Offense and bad knees didn't mix for 12-year veteran OT Bob Whitfield and the new-look Falcons. You only need a right tackle for a left-handed QB, right?
* Former Gopher WR Ron Johnson was told "never more" by Brian Billick in Ravenville.
* Minnesota high school product Ben Sobieski was cancelled by the Bills, along with NFLPA old-schoolers Jason Gildon and Keith McKenzie.
* Apparently Lovie didn't love Bears DT Bryan Robinson -- showed the door mob style.
* Just when Billy Cundiff's epitath was being written, the Tuna gas-piped Matt Bryant. If Brett Conway struggles in September, remember that name.
* The Broncos let TE Byron Chamberlain and kicker Hayden Epstein ride off into the sunset. Let VU be the first to toast the Jeb Putzier era.
* The Lions let OT Colin Cole go -- sounds familiar. Two Coles, one team.
* What does a No. 1 overall pick get you this week? Veteran minimum, since Tim Couch -- taken well in front of Daunte Culpepper, was euthanized by the Packers.
* Former Gopher QB Corey Sauter won't be spending Sundays in Indy watching Peyton Manning from so close anymore.
* Dick Vermeil had better hope his Chiefs score a lot of touchdowns this year. When the first chip-shot field goal is missed, fans will call for the return of senior citizen -- and likely kicking Hall of Famer -- Morten Andersen. If Conway struggles in October or November, remember this name.
* Rembember when Terrell Buckley was good? Bill Belichick doesn't. He's available.
* Remember when Antonio Freeman was good? Neither do we. The Dolphins learned that three years after we did.
* The Saints have suffered their share of losses on the offensive line because of free agency, but did their own guillotine drop in the French Quarter by lopping center Jerry Fontenot. If he still wants to play, he's got a job by Tuesday night.
* The Giants are souring on former Vikings -- the latest casualty being FB Charles Stackhouse.
* Remember when Bobby Beathard was a genius? That was before QBs refused to play for the Chargers. Why were they so bad? Because he gambled his 'Skins rep to trade up for guys like TE Mikhael Ricks -- ashcanned by the Jets Sunday.
* Former Viking/helmet tosser Dwayne Rudd was told "Just leave, baby" by Al Davis.
* Despite problems at running back, the Eagles told Dorsey Levens thanks for the memories.
* The Chargers cut trivia answer Kevin Dyson. The question? Who was the only wide receiver drafted ahead of Randy Moss in 1998? Ken Jennings would have known that.
* The Titans cut RB Jarrett Payton - the son of NFL great Walter Payton. It's a business.
* With all the darkness of cut-down day, VU presents our three favorite names among the list of casualties -- and hopefully training camp Vikings next year. 3. Falcons DE Junior Glymph -- in the right situations, kids 50 years from now might be playing for the Glymph Trophy. 2. Bears CB Blue Adams -- "You were cut, but you're still my boy, Blue" -- Frank the Tank. And No. 1 Browns TE Chad Muster (in the conservatory with the lead pipe).

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