Green Responds to Moss Comments

Vikings coach Dennis Green said Randy Moss' comments last week were 'regrettable,' but he said that the Vikings' star receiver does play hard.

Green, who appears weekly on Tony Bruno's morning show on Fox Sports Radio, was asked about Randy Moss' comments to Tennessee media when the receiver reiterated that he plays when he wants to play.

"What Randy said is regrettable and he probably shouldn't have said it, obviously," Green said. "But you don't get four consecutive years of 1,000 yards (receiving), first time in the history of the National Football League (that a player has done that in each of his first four seasons), if you don't play hard football.

"I think the public has been misled to think that it's easy. What he has done is not easy. The public has been misled to think that every guy is a great player every single play, and they are not. So, I think Randy, what he does on the field, speaks for itself. It has never been done before and it's not easy."

Green, who rarely says anything about officiating, also said Moss rarely gets calls.

"I'll tell you this. (If you) put a tape together on calls Randy Moss gets, it's going to be a very short tape," he said. "Whether you are talking about holding more than 5 yards down the field or anything else. It's very frustrating for a talented player."

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