Daunte To Shut Down 2001?

After trying to come back from his knee injury, Daunte Culpepper's injury got worse and may end his 2001 season.

Daunte Culpepper tried to play with his injured posterior cruciate ligament vs. Pittsburgh and had to be pulled from the game. When he tried to come back for Sunday's game, he injured his knee again, and this time it may require surgery that will end his 2001 season.

VU has been told that Culpepper had an MRI Thursday after feeling considerable pain in Wednesday's practice attempting to run a bootleg. The results came in and showed cartilage damage to the knee in addition to the strained PCL.

While there is no tear to the PCL, the Vikings, Culpepper and his agent Mason Ashe met Friday to discuss shutting down Culpepper's 2001 season and the options facing him, which likely will include surgery.

The Vikings have made no public announcement yet, but VU said Wednesday Culpepper was out for the Detroit game and now it looks almost certain he is lost for the season.

* There is no word yet as to whether the Vikings will attempt to bring in a veteran QB to join Todd Bouman and Spergon Wynn in the event Culpepper is gone for the season, but word is the search has quietly begun.
* The Vikings have played the Lions 80 times and have a 50-28-2 record, including a 42-20-2 record over the last 35 years.
* Everett Lindsay will make his fourth start in five weeks, replacing Brad Badger again this week after originally hitting the starting lineup replacing guard Corbin Lacina.
* Bouman made his first NFL start last Sunday after an impressive relief stint vs. Pittsburgh. The same is true in Detroit, where Mike McMahon, who has looked good coming off the bench, will make his first NFL start Sunday.
* Detroit has secondary problems with Terry Fair out with injury, an injured Bryant Westbrook making his first start, starting safety Ron Rice out with injuries and safety Tommy Bennett suspended for steroid use.
* In the last two games vs. Detroit, Randy Moss has caught 17 passes for 293 yards and four TDs. In the first meeting this year with Detroit, Cris Carter caught eight passes for 111 yards and a touchdown.
* Each of the last eight Detroit losses have been by eight points or less.

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