High on Wynn

Dennis Green says quarterback Spergon has the qualities it takes to be a good player in the NFL, especially if he is patient and learns the system.

When the Vikings traded for quarterback Spergon Wynn just prior to the team's regular-season opener, not much was made of the move. But with injuries ravaging the quarterback position late in the season, their stock in him becomes more critical.

"Oh, I like him," Green said. "We love to develop quarterbacks. That's one of the things that we do. We think we have a very quarterback-friendly system. We've had a lot of guys that have played here that other people weren't quite as sure they were as good, and guys have gone on and done very well. Whether you are talking about Jay Fiedler, who was coaching football when we called him and had given up on playing in the National Football League. Todd Bouman, who was the only practice squad (quarterback) that we ever had. We never had a guy on the practice squad at quarterback before. But we felt enough about Todd Bouman to make him one of them.

"We look at Spergon Wynn the same way. He is a terrific athlete. He's got a nice arm. He can throw the ball extremely well. Great competitive personality, and regardless of how much he plays for us over the next one or two or three years, he's going to be a very good player in the National Football League. If he's patient like Todd has been, like Fiedler has been, Daunte, all of the guys that have had to wait their spot, wait for their opportunity. But I think Spergon is going to be a very good player."

Green sounds supremely confident that, when the time is right, Wynn will succeed.

"The number one thing a quarterback can do is lead. Number two is be an accurate passer. Number three, have a great competitive spirit. Spergon Wynn has all three," Green said.

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