Moss a Germophobe?

The media has found ways to take away some of Randy Moss' secrets. ESPN the Magazine has been the latest.

When Randy Moss first came into the NFL, the Vikings already had Cris Carter and Jake Reed. Moss' primary job was to run streak patterns deep up the field and, when he and Randall Cunningham hooked up, they were explosive.

On one of the occasions he would talk to the media, Moss was asked how he could run downfield and not look back until the ball was in flight -- making helpless d-backs cringe.

His answer? He looks up at the Jumbotron and would watch Cunningham loading up for the deep throw. The result? When the Vikings went on the road, opposing teams would change what was on the Jumbotron when the Vikings had the ball.

ESPN the Magazine has now joined the fray. In its latest issue, the magazine goes to great lengths to describe Moss as a germophobe -- a player who won't touch doorknobs with his bare hands, puts globs of antibacterial soap on his hands and won't allow anyone to open his refrigerator without cleaning their hands.

While this may seem minimal, if Moss does have some sort of aversion to getting germs, you can bet other teams will try to use that information -- figuring they have discovered Moss' kryptonite.

Don't be surprised if you see opposing d-backs getting overly touchy with Moss or perhaps even fake sneezing on him after plays. If Moss does have some sort of phobia about germs, it could get into his head -- something nobody else has been able to do yet.

On behalf of Moss and the Vikings, thank ESPN the Magazine. They may have let other teams know something they didn't about Moss -- and will likely use it against him.

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