NFL Coaches Give Vikings Props

The Vikings aren't one of the league's undefeated teams, but NFL coaches still respect them as one of the best teams in the league, according to a recent poll.

Fans may not be sold on the Vikings as a legitimate Super Bowl contender, but one group of people in the know are on board – NFL coaches.

In Friday's edition of USA Today, the 32 NFL head coaches were asked to complete the paper's "Power Poll" – which ranks teams from 1-32. The results look encouraging for Vikings fans.

The Vikings currently rate fifth in the poll. New England remains at No. 1 with almost 75 percent of the first-place votes, followed by the Eagles, Colts and Seahawks.

The placement of the Vikings at No. 5 took into account how tough the Eagles have been in the first three weeks of the 2004 season, but would seem to acknowledge what many of us have been grumbling about since the Monday night game at Philly – if not for mistakes, the Vikings would have beaten the Eagles.

Following the loss, the Vikings fell to No. 6, but the confidence of other coaches that they are one of the league's top teams wasn't lost. The Vikings are rated ahead of undefeated teams like the Falcons, Jets and Jaguars. Whether fans want to buy into the Vikings or not, it's clear that the coaches around the league are giving the Vikings the respect they give the NFL's best.

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