Wong Answers Your Questions

Kailee Wong will be an unrestricted free agent for the first time after this season. He talks about that, the defense and the offseason with Viking Update.

Untitled Document The Vikings are still down in the rankings defensively even though some still think the defense is improved. Where has it made the most progress and where do you think it needs the most?

Wong says: I think we've always proven that we can play very good defense. Where we have to improve is consistency. As long as we were consistent, we would stay up there high in the rankings. Really where we fall is that we've given up big plays.

You've played defensive end and outside and inside linebacker. Where is your most natural position?

Wong says: That's tough to say. Now that I play middle linebacker, I feel very at home here. It suits me well, just because it's a position that you use your head and your body to play. You have to be somewhat smart, and the smarter you are, probably the better you can be. The only difference between a Mike (middle) linebacker and Will (weakside) linebacker is probably — your keys are the same — but as a Mike you have more people that can come hit you. You end up getting in a lot more contact because the offensive line knows that they have to account for you. You'll get blocked a lot more by offensive linemen versus being on the outside, where you're basically getting blocked more by a fullback or a tight end.

Do you have any pregame or halftime superstitions?

Wong says: Not really. I used to be really big into superstition and you realize that after 20 games before the playoffs — four preseason games and 16 regular-season games — that you try to have somewhat of a similar schedule. But doing things exactly the same, it just gets too much. You're thinking more about that than you do the game, and that's where you somewhat lose your focus.

Being a free agent after the season, have talks begun? And what do you think are the chances of you staying a Viking?

Wong says: I don't really know exactly, because I'm one of those guys where I tell him (my agent) — his job is to do that and I'm not even worried about it until after the season. So, with that being said, I don't know if they are talking or whatever. But I definitely want to be a Viking. This is a great place and I love Coach (Dennis) Green. I think he has a great program.

Is the bargaining process a stressful one for you, especially once you get outside the season and have more time to think about that sort of thing?

Wong says: You know what? No. I can't say exactly because this is the first time I've ever actually gone through this process, but I have a lot of faith in the person who I hired as my agent (Steve Baker). And with that being said, I just let him deal with it and I just really focus on the football aspect of it.

During the offseason, what do you enjoy doing and do you see much of your teammates?

Wong says: I see some of my teammates. You try to get away somewhat, because we are so close and we are together so much. But this year I'm probably going to go see Harold (Morrow) down in Florida and go fishing one time at least. Some of those guys will be through Las Vegas (his offseason home), so I'll get to see them out there. And I'll probably see (Robert) Griffith and some other guys when I go to San Diego (to get married).

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