Culpepper Primed For Another Award

What more can quarterback Daunte Culpepper do? Not much, as he was been lighting up opposing defenses through four games this season.

In his three games before the Vikings bye week, Daunte Culpepper was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week twice. Can the hat trick be far behind?

Barring the NFL saying "enough is enough" about who gets the weekly award, who can argue Culpepper getting the nod again? How often does a QB throw 50 passes and win? How often does a QB throw for four yards less than 400 yards and win? How often does a QB throw five TDs in game? In Culpepper's 2004, you would be correct in saying it happens half the time.

As it stands right now, Culpepper is on pace to throw for more than 5,000 yards and 52 touchdowns — and only four interceptions. As the late, great Sammy Davis Jr. was wont to say, "Ouch, babe."

Whether his frenetic pace continues is yet to be seen, but the Vikings have sent a message to rest of the NFL — take Randy Moss away from the offense if you must, but the Vikings offense will hurt you. It's becoming time-honored. That is what will keep the Vikings among the NFL's elite teams. Period.

* Who's that fourth-string running back? Mewelde Moore made some believers Sunday. Not only did he rush 20 times for 92 yards, but he caught 12 passes for 90 yards in the receiving game. Not too shabby for the new steal of the draft.
* A concern for the Vikes has to remain the level to which opposing offenses can attack the passing game. After halftime, David Carr threw for 288 yards – totally unacceptable under any conditions.
* The Vikings had 510 total yards Sunday.
* In the first half of Sunday's game, the Vikings held the ball for 20:33 of the 30 minutes.
* Sunday was the 33rd straight game in which the Vikings had 300 yards or more of total offense. It has surpassed the record set by the 1998-2000 Vikings and was only interrupted once in the interim — a Joe Dimaggio streak if there ever has been one.
* Houston was arguably the loudest outdoor site for NFL games ever. The Vikes had six false start penalties — three on rookie Nat Dorsey alone. In three home games this year, the Texans have had 18 false start calls – most in the NFL by far.
* Cory Withrow suffered a knee injury in overtime that forced the Vikes to put Matt Birk into the lineup. He was on the field for three plays — the last being the touchdown to Marcus Robinson that ended the game.
* Keenan Howry sustained a dislocated shoulder Sunday and could be on the shelf for several weeks.
* The Vikings re-signed CB Derek Ross, who will replace Ralph Brown on the 53-man roster.
* Terrance Shaw suffered a turf toe injury, but, prior to that, made a couple of big plays to help out the secondary in the nickel and dime packages.
* In the first three games, Darren Bennett had a total of five punts. He had eight on Sunday.
* Randy Moss played in is 100th game Sunday.
* The Vikes are the only team in the NFL without an interception. Last year, the Vikings led the league almost all year in that category.

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