Favre Shows Why He's Revered

Brett Favre has the Lambeau Field mystique on his side, and he proved why he has created such winning ways at home with his fourth-quarter rally against the Vikings.

It isn't coincidence that Brett Favre has never lost a home game in cold weather. If the streak was just six or seven games, it wouldn't mean much. But, when the numbers are 30 wins and no losses, you take notice. He showed why he is one of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game and can create a turning point in any game he plays in — good or bad.

It seemed Sunday the only time Favre looked like the Favre everyone is used to was when he got behind. The Vikings held the lead twice the entire game, and Favre had the answer — getting Green Bay's only offensive touchdowns of the game immediately following Vikings scores that gave Minnesota the lead.

The first came in the second quarter. In his first four drives, Favre had just one first down — and that came by penalty. But, after the Vikings took a 3-0 lead, Favre had the answer. He got plenty of help from the Vikings defense, which could have ended the drive on a few plays if not for a holding call on Eric Kelly and a fumble recovery reversed by an offside call. But, when he needed it, Favre came through — throwing a pair of passes to move the chains and then throwing a key block that sprung Donald Driver on a 31-yard reverse touchdown run in which Favre was the only lead blocker he had.

The second came in the final 10 minutes of the game. The Vikings had finally gotten a touchdown, thanks to a 47-yard pass to Byron Chamberlain, and the defense was being asked to make a critical stop on Favre. It had done it every time when the game was tied or the Vikings were behind, but with Favre behind it became a different story.

He drove the Packers 79 yards in just seven plays. In the first 50 minutes of the game, Favre had completed just two passes of 13 yards or more. In the eventual game-winning drive, he completed three — passes of 13 yards to Bill Schroeder and 20 yards to Antonio Freeman and Bubba Franks — going 5-for-5 passing when the Packers absolutely had to have it.

Prior to that drive, Schroeder had caught just one pass for 3 yards, while Freeman had one reception for 17 yards. In that drive, Schroeder and Freeman each caught two passes for 25 and 27 yards, respectively. It allowed the Packers to run their offense however they chose to and, once they had the lead, let their defense take chances for the game-ending play, which was provided by Mike McKenzie on a 38-yard interception return that made the spread 11 points and effectively ended the game.

For those who don't believe in streaks, like Favre's unbeaten streak or Tampa Bay's franchise winless streak in cold weather, you didn't see Sunday's game. The Vikings played a strong game, but, when he fell behind, Favre turned the pressure up a notch and made the plays he needed to. VU

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