Game 6: Highlights, Lowlights And Notes

From Randy Moss to Michael Bennett to O-line injuries to a stellar defense, go beyond the play-by-play for notes from Sunday's win over the Titans.

Randy Moss started the game, jogged about 5 yards off the line of scrimmage on the team's first play and then headed to the sideline.

Without Moss on the field, the Vikings were left with only three healthy wide receivers. While it's nice to see Moss move his streak of consecutive games started move to 108, him sitting on the sideline for most of the game put the offense in a bind.

Moss did return to the field and changed the look the defense gave the Vikings when he was in for a couple more plays, but his field time wasn't enough to truly make a difference. Instead, he aggravated his hamstring injury and his availability for the Giants will likely be in doubt next Sunday as well.

Moss spent the second half of the game in the locker room getting treatment.

On the eighth play from scrimmage, the Viking inserted Michael Bennett into the lineup. His return went off without much fanfare. He carried for no gain on his first play back, then headed back to the sideline in place of Mewelde Moore again.

Bennett returned to field again, but he didn't register another carry or reception as Moore went on his way to another 100-yard game.

Head coach Mike Tice said that rotating Bennett into the game took the Vikings out of a rhythm, and he stuck with Moore and Moe Williams after the first quarter.

The Vikings held out Matt Birk starting at 8:24 of the fourth quarter. Birk received a mild concussion, but he probably could have played if the game was in the balance. At that point, the Vikings held a 17-point lead against a staggered Titans offense. Billy Conaty replaced Birk.

Guard David Dixon left the game for one play and was replaced by Adam Goldberg. Goldberg appears to have moved ahead of Adam Haayer as the utility offensive lineman at all positions besides center.

Goldberg was also used as an eligible receiver a number of times throughout the game, only a formality, but he left in the fourth quarter with a right knee and ankle sprain.

While the Vikings' pass defense has been much maligned this season as one of the worst in the league, they gave up only 2 passing yards in the first quarter. Of course, it didn't hurt that the Titans had only one drive and one additional play in the first quarter, but the Vikings forced two incompletions and tackled running back Chris Brown for a 3-yard loss in the first series.

The second series continued with similar results. The Vikings forced two incompletions and knocked quarterback Steve McNair out of the game when Chris Hovan was tackling him lower and Kevin Williams knocked helmets with him just as McNair released a pass. Backup Billy Volek nearly threw an interception on his first pass, but Brian Russell was knocked off the interception by Antoine Winfield's tight coverage.

Instead, Volek ended the game with three interceptions, no touchdowns and a paltry 28.7 QB rating. Punter Craig Hentrich picked up the team average with a completed pass for a first down with a 91.7 rating.

One drive after knocking Russell off of an interception with his tight coverage, Winfield returned to make a spectacular interception for a career first. Volek went deep for Drew Bennett down the left sideine. Winfield didn't have the tight safety help he did earlier and turned just in time to locate the ball and make the diving interception.

It was the first time in his career that Winfield has had interceptions in consecutive games.

Cornerback Derek Ross strained his neck while making a tackle on kickoff coverage. He returned to the game on the next punt coverage situation.

The Titans moved Kevin Carter from left tackle to left end, which may have been a matchup switch in order to get Carter going against rookie Nat Dorsey. Rookie defensive end Antwan Odom had been starting at left end. Rien Long took Carter's spot inside.

Tice said after the game that he didn't think the offensive line was as consistent as it had been in past games. Culpepper was sacked three times.

It appears that Aaron Elling could have a long-term role with the Vikings after all. His first kickoff sailed high and to the goal line, and the Titans averaged only 21.8 yards per kickoff return. The Vikings weren't any better, however, with an 18.5 average.

* Tennessee converted only 3 of 11 third downs. The Vikings, who were 33-for-59 entering the game, converted only 2 of 11 third downs, to fall to 50 percent for the season.

* Tennessee picked up only first down rushing.

* The Vikings had 71 interception-return yards.

* The Titans were 0-for-2 in red zone efficiency.

* No player for the Vikings had more than six tackles.

The Vikings deactivated linebacker Chris Claiborne, as expected. Also deactivated Sunday were Shaun Hill (emergency QB), WR Ryan Hoag, Claiborne, C Cory Withrow, T Adam Haayer, TE Jeff Dugan, DT Spencer Johnson, DE Darrion Scott.

The Titans deactivated Doug Johnson (emergency QB), S Lance Schulters, LB Rocky Calmus, TE Shad Meier, WR Tyrone Calico, TE Erron Kinney, DE Juqua Thomas, DT Jared Clauss.

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