Enough Motivation Against Giants

The Vikings have plenty of reasons to be motivated against the Giants. Between their recent history with the Giants and with Kurt Warner, there is no reason for a letdown today.

The Yankees may be the "evil empire" but, as far as Vikings fans (and players and coaches) are concerned, the Giants will suffice.

Few Vikes fans can forget the media-induced "41-doughnut" rant by Randy Moss. Or the Giants' 27-20 win at the Metrodome in 2002. Or the fracturing of the 2003 Vikings — a loss following a 6-0 start that sent the team in free-fall and Red McCombs onto Page One with a postgame rant that transformed Purple Pride into "What the…?"

As bad as the recent history has been, throw in QB Kurt Warner. Thanks to Warner and the Rams, Moss hit every official's radar with his water bottle squirt in 1999. Thanks to Warner.

If the Vikings ever needed motivation for what should end up being an inconsequential game, the Giants have given the Vikes more than enough ammunition for the fight. If the Giants win today, they deserve it.

* One of the Giants' main failings this season has been in the Red Zone. In 21 trips inside the opponent's 20, they have scored just seven touchdowns — worst of any NFC team.
* Both the Vikings and Giants posted four-game winning streaks after losing to the Eagles. The Lions took care of one streak — the Vikings control their own destiny on whether the teams streak ends in a tie.
* During the Giants' winning streak, they allowed four opponents to score just 41 points.
* The matchups for today's game would seem obvious by looking at the numbers. The Vikings have the league's top rated offense — first in passing, 10th in rushing. The Giants are 14th in total defense — 22nd against the run and 11th against the pass. The Giants are ninth in total offense — seventh rushing and 13th passing. In contrast, the Vikings have the 5th rated rush defense, but, because teams have abandoned the run, they are 30th vs. the pass and 29th in total defense.
* In six games, Giants RB Tiki Barber has 100 yards rushing or receiving in five games.
* The Vikings are averaging 6.9 yards per each offensive plays — tops of any team in the NFL.

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