Moss Not Named to Pro Bowl Squad

As reported yesterday, the buzz around the NFL was that Randy Moss might get snubbed from the Pro Bowl despite one of his best statistical seasons. Wednesday, that came true.

Randy Moss hasn't been a popular man around the NFL this season. From continuing fines to quotes saying he plays when he wants to and doesn't always want to, Moss has built a bad reputation with other players around the league. Wednesday, those comments came home to roost.

As reported in VU yesterday, a growing theory around the league by beat reporters who asked players if they voted for Moss found that many teams had a bad image of Moss and wouldn't vote for him, despite other "bad boys" with big mouths like Terrell Owens and Keyshawn Johnson being almost shoo-ins to be selected because of team success.

As it turned out, they were right. Owens and Johnson were named starters with David Boston of Arizona and Isaac Bruce of St. Louis being named to the team as backups. While it is difficult to deny the seasons Owens and Boston have put up, the same can't be said for Johnson. Although he leads the NFL in receptions, he has just one touchdown and is essentially a possession receiver. Meanwhile, Bruce is third on his team in receptions with 63 -- behind Torry Holt and Marshall Faulk -- and doesn't even rank in the top 30 in receptions in the NFL.

Politics? You bet it is. Moss has more touchdowns and average per catch than Keyshawn and more receptions, yards and touchdowns than Bruce. Yet, it seems attitude and not production were the buzz words this year, and Bruce got rewarded for being a good player on a great team instead of Moss, who has been a great player on a bad team -- and a player with a foot almost constantly stuck in his mouth.

* The only Viking named to the Pro Bowl won't make it. Center Matt Birk was named to the Pro Bowl, but is getting married Feb. 8 -- the day before the game. He had scheduled the wedding months ago and intentionally put it a week after the Pro Bowl so, if he was selected, he could attend. However, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks pushed everything back one week and made the Pro Bowl coincide with his wedding and, perhaps for the first of many times in his life, da wife wins out.
* A couple of streaks were broken Wednesday with the Pro Bowl announcements. Cris Carter's eight consecutive Pro Bowl streak was snapped, as was Moss' three straight Pro Bowl appearances.
* The Vikings released their injury report Wednesday and it includes several big names. Daunte Culpepper is out with a knee injury, Jim Kleinsasser (ankle) is listed as doubtful, four players -- Ed McDaniel (shoulder), Todd Bouman (thumb), Dale Carter (hamstring) and Shawn Worthen (knee) -- are listed as questionable and three players -- Michael Bennett (heel), Chris Walsh (groin) and Cris Carter (ribs) -- are listed as probable.
* The Ravens may have RB Jason Brookins back after missing a month with a foot injury. Brookins practiced Wednesday and may take some of the workload away from Terry Allen and Moe Williams Monday night.

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