Chavous Wins Ed Block Award

The Vikings Corey Chavous was awarded the prestrigious Ed Block Award Tuesday on a vote of his teammates.

While many major sports awards are political -- do you really think Peyton Manning and Steve McNair tied for last year's MVP award? -- and the recipients are pretty much pre-determined and have a lot to do with what type of player you are.

This isn't true for the Ed Block Courage Award, won by one player from each of the NFL's 32 teams. The Vikings winner for 2004 is safety Corey Chavous.

The Block Award is given for sportsmanship and the ability to overcome adversity. The vote is done by players from each team.

* Vikings senior consultant Fred Zamberletti will be honored Sunday, which marks the 900th consecutive game in which Zamberletti has been on the Vikings sidelines.
* The Vikings have let MLB Rod Davis and safety Wilie Offord get more snaps with the first team in practice this week. While neither is expected to start over incumbents E.J. Henderson and Brian Russell, it's a signal that both will likely see more playing time.
* The team is looking to keep the deep pass in the playbook for Sunday. Since Randy Moss has been lost to injury, the deep pass has all but disappeared from the Vikings offense.
* ABC apologized Tuesday for its racy opening to Monday Night Football, which had "Desperate Housewives" star Nicolette Sheridan supposedly seducing Terrell Owens. The scene opened with Sheridan wrapped in a towel in an empty Eagles locker room trying to convince Owens to stay. He says he can't until she drops her towel and jumps naked into his arms, at which point Owens says the Eagles "will have to win without me." Following the Janet Jackson debacle, the NFL is very concerned about protecting its image and the promo looked to be asking if "are you ready for..." something other than football.

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