Vikings' Record In Jeopardy

While the focus of the NFL is on Peyton Manning's record-setting pace, the Colts offense as a whole could end up breaking the Vikings' all-time scoring record. And what about those Vikings playoff scenarios?

With all the excitement over the record-breaking season by Peyton Manning this year, the media coverage has focused on Manning's individual accomplishments. Guess what? It's a team sport, and the Colts are in the hunt to surpass the Viking's all-time record for points in a single season. Who says our society is too focused on individuals?

The numbers show the Colts with 380 points through 11 games, for an average of 34.54 points per game. The Viking's scored 556 points in 1998, for an average of 34.75 points per game. If the Colts can up their pace just slightly (35-plus points a game) over the next five games, they will hold the all-time single-season record.

Their next two opponents are Tennessee and Houston, and they've averaged a combined 40 points per game on those teams. They have tougher games coming up against Baltimore, San Diego and the Broncos, but the Colts have shown they can score on anyone. It will be interesting to see if they can break Minnesota's record.

Speaking of the Vikings, have you noticed how everyone keeps pointing out that the Packers own the tie-breaker over the Vikes, and that "if the season ended today" scenarios take precedent over the fact that the teams are tied for first place? The "season ending today" pictures have a major flaw — the season doesn't end until January and there are many important games left to be played.

The only way the Packers' home victory becomes a tie-breaker over the Vikes is if they also win or tie in Minnesota. Otherwise, you have what you usually have between these teams, a split of the season series.

If the Vikings can win that game and avoid a loss to either the Bears or the Lions, they should win the division.

The Packers managed to lose a home game to the Bears this year and that could cost them the division title. The Vikings have a softer closing schedule, with the Packers on the road at Philadelphia this week, at Minnesota on Dec.24, and Jacksonville at home (also have Detroit at home, and Chicago on the road). The Vikings have three relatively easy road games against Chicago, Detroit, and Washington, and the Seahawks at home along with the Packers.

The national media loves the Packers, and they've played better than the Vikings over the last six weeks, but it's far from over.

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