Winfield Might Return Sunday

The Vikings received some needed injury news Monday when it was announced that Antoine Winfield might be ready for their Sunday game vs. Detroit.

The Vikings have been forced to worry about rushing players back too soon in light of the recurrance of the hamstring injury to Randy Moss that caused him to be out or ineffective for five plus games. With that said, the Vikes are cautiously optomistic that cornerback Antoine Winfield will be back Sunday.

Winfield, who tested the ankle on a stationary bike Monday, would likely be used as the fourth or fifth corner in passing situations. His plays are expected be limited, but, like Moss, if he can play through the pain, he will likely see more time Sunday than originally planned.

* The NFL took away an incompletion from Daunte Culpepper and awarded Antonio Cochran a sack stemming from the last play of the game. It was clear after review that Culpepper's knee touched down on the final play, resulting in a sack before he threw a pass that was tipped and dropped by Jermaine Wiggins.
* Raonall Smith is likely going to get clearance today to resume practicing and could be in the lineup Sunday.

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