Vikings Still Control Their Fate

For less than 24 hours, the Vikings thought they may only control their wild card destiny, but they found out they can still win the division.

Hold on just a minute. This just in: The Vikings STILL control their own destiny in the NFC North division.

After lamenting Sunday's 27-23 home loss to Seattle and the belief that they had lost control of their destiny, the Vikings' public relations department crushed some tiebreaking numbers and -- voila -- the Vikings are back in command of the division.

Or at least as in command as a team that is 2-5 over the last seven games can be.

"I've done more praying this year," coach Mike Tice said when asked if he felt like the football gods were watching over his struggling team. "I don't know if it's helping any."

The Vikings are 7-6 and trail the Packers, who are 8-5. If the Vikings win their remaining games, including a Dec. 24 game against the Packers, they will win the division regardless of whether the Packers win their other two remaining games.

The Vikings and Packers would be tied at 10-6. The Vikings would win the division based on the third tiebreaker, common opponents. The Vikings would be 9-5 against common opponents, and the Packers would be 8-6.

The teams would be deadlocked in the first two tiebreakers, head-to-head and division record.

Of course, the good news doesn't hide the fact the Vikings have lost two consecutive games.

"We need to beat Detroit," Tice said. "That's all we should be worrying about."

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