8-8 Not An Option

All the talk on the national media circuit claims an 8-8 team will make the NFC playoffs. If that's the case, the Vikes had better be 9-7.

There is little question that the AFC dominates the NFL this season. Of the top 12 teams in accepted NFL power rankings, nine are from the AFC.

But, despite that dominance, the AFC could play heavily into the Vikings' playoff future. Why? While most of the NFC has been schooled in interconference games, the Vikes went 3-1 vs. the AFC South. If they win out and win the division, it will be their win vs. the Titans (which the Packers couldn't do) that will bring home the NFC North crown.

But, with that comes a downside. The 7-6 Vikings are 4-5 vs. NFC teams. Considering that, to finish 8-8, the Vikes would have to lose two of their final three games -- all vs. NFC teams -- their conference record would be 5-7. There are no tie-breakers that can fix that.

If an 8-8 team makes the playoffs, two things are certain. The NFC as a whole will be embarrassed. The Vikings won't be one of those teams.

Here's to running the table the final three games.

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