Attention Stat Nerds!

Al Davis has been wont to say "Just win baby." Vikes fans are saying "Just win Sunday" if the Vikes want a realistic chance of pulling a ring out of the fire.

Hate the Rams.

How simple is that? The Rams hold as big a part to the Vikings' playoff future as they do. Lose tonight to the 13-1 Eagles and the Vikings are in. If the Rams win, the Vikes are still in if St. Louis loses next week to the Jets.

In fact, there are very few scenarios in which the Vikings don't make the playoffs. But, there is one trifecta in which the Vikings don't make the playoffs. If the Rams win their final two games, the Vikings lose to the Redskins and the Panthers beat the Saints, the Vikes are on the outside looking in.

The most likely scenario is that the Rams lose again tonight, the Vikings are in the playoffs and the winner of Sunday's Saints-Panthers game claims the other spot.

If the Rams lose and the Vikings win, Minnesota will be assured of heading to Seattle for a rematch of their 27-23 quasi-epic at the Metrodome. But, the possibility exists of a Vikings-Packers postseason clash at Lambeau. Let the drinking begin.

All the scenarios essentially become moot if the Rams lay down like they should tonight. Backing in is still getting in, right?

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