Lurtsema's Reaction: Favre's Finer Details

Brett Favre has fans across the NFL for obvious reasons, but the little things he does has this former NFL defensive lineman impressed with how he takes the aggressiveness out of opposing pass rushes. He did that on a number of occasions Friday against the Vikings.

I have always been a Brett Favre fan, as he represents what great NFL players have — heart, durability, attitude, passion for the game and the most important factor, intelligence. Watching him perform against the Vikings defense on Christmas Eve day, he did little things that led to big-play results.

In the second quarter, with the Vikings up 7-0 and just 6:40 to go in the half, the Packers were faced with a fourth-and-1 situation. They decided to go for the potential touchdown rather than the sure three-point field goal and handed off to Ahman Green for the touchdown. The little thing Favre did on that particular play was to go on a quick count, giving the Vikings defense less chance to get aggressively prepared.

Later in the second quarter, facing fourth-and-1 on the 25-yard line and out of timeouts — with just seven seconds left in the half and time running — Favre asked the officials for a measurement. He is allowed to do that on a close (and I mean close) first-down possibility. In the meantime, since the clock was stopped for the measurement, the Packers' field goal team casually marched onto the field, fully aware that the ball was going to be ruled short of the first down. It led to a successful field goal, a three-point turn that loomed big for the rest of the game.

Then, in the final touchdown drive of the fourth quarter on a big 31-yard completion, Favre went to an unusually long cadence to give him more time to read the coverage while once again messing with the defensive linemen's aggressiveness.

No doubt, Brett Favre is great, but right now I want Daunte Culpepper driving my car. For if the Vikings could give him just a little more help on defense, the sky truly is the limit for this Minnesota Viking football player.

The defense has got to step up and start getting off the field quicker. The defensive line is improving every week, but blown coverages and mental mistakes are absolutely killing this club. The roller-coaster ride this defense is giving us is so frustrating to the fans and owner Red McCombs, but keeping the same coaching staff is a must, as three defensive coordinators in three years can create confusion for defensive players. But hey, the Vikings will be in the playoffs and, remember, they weren't supposed to lose to Dallas on that Hail Mary play in the 1975 playoffs, so, as we all say, you just never know who can win come playoff time.

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