Eagles Lay Down to Rams

The Vikings' playoff future was pinned in part on the St. Louis Rams losing to the Eagles. What the Vikings and teams like the Seahawks, Saints and Panthers didn't realize was that the Eagles were going to lay down and simply let the Rams win.

Some called it strategy. Others called it a disgrace. Still others called it a fix. The Eagles 'loss to the Rams last night on Monday Night Football kept the Rams fading playoff hopes alive -- not because they deserved it, but because it was handed to them.

Playing what looked like the junior varsity team for most of the game, the Eagles stumbled, bumbled and fumbled their was through the game like they had a big bet and needed to shave points. The Rams, meanwhile, shot themselves in the foot enough to keep it a close game.

Perhaps the Eagles were erring on the side of caution after the Terrell Owens injury, but to lay down and allow dolt Mike Martz and his hapless Rams to get a cheap victory may come back to haunt them. By the time the Eagles actually play for real, it will have been a month since Donovan McNabb and Co. had played meaningful football.

The NBA went to a draft lottery because teams intentionally lost. What we saw Monday should get notice from the league.

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