Moss Still Doesn't Get It

Randy Moss is in the process of proving that, after seven years in the NFL, he still doesn't get it.

Randy Moss got himself back in the headlines this week. Not for any outstanding performance on the field, but for leaving the field early at the end of Sunday's loss to the Redskins.

He's finally talking, but not to the local media.

Moss spent nearly an hour with ESPN's Andrea Kremer Wednesday for an interview to be aired this weekend. He's also planned to be interviewed by FOX Sports' Jimmy Johnson today. But, when asked by several local reporters for interviews, he declined them all.

It has been told to Moss by coach Mike Tice and others that he needs to be a leader. In the locker room and on the practice field, he's done that, but if he ever wonders why some fans persist in calling him selfish and arrogant, he need look no further than his own "no comment."

If not for his attitude, Moss would be in the "untouchable" category for teams looking for a trade. The fact is, that just isn't true. The Vikings are deep enough into his contract and far enough under the salary cap to afford taking the signing bonus hit to trade him. If they do, they can point to his lack of communication for the problem.

Maybe once again, Moss will leave early. But, if it happens, it will be for good.

* Willie Offord will start in place of Corey Chavous Sunday -- his first start since October of 2002.
* Daunte Culpepper was the 2004 recipient of the Korey Stringer Good Guy Award, given by local media members. Surprisingly, Moss didn't get a single vote.
* Michael Bennett will start at running back again this week.
* Brian Williams is the latest victim of the flu bug going through the team. Ralph Brown started in his place at practice Wednesday, but Williams is expected to start Sunday.
* Moe Williams wore a boot over his right ankle Wednesday, but it was viewed more as precautionary than anything else and he will play Sunday.
* The Vikings are considering de-activating Chris Hovan again Sunday.
* The Vikings canceled a 30-minute outdoor practice Wednesday because wind chills were below zero.

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