Moss Flap Continues

The fallout of the Randy Moss touchdown celebration continues to be felt without the critical question being asked -- was there significance to what he did?

The same national media that Randy Moss referred to as pro-Vikings continues to hammer him for his post-touchdown celebration Sunday. Yet, through all the self-righteous condemnation of Moss, nobody has asked what should have been the obvious question -- why would Moss pretend to moon fans?

The answer is simple and makes sense. It's become something of a tradition for Packers fans to line up and moon the team bus of the opposition when they lose. They've done it to the Vikings, the Bucs, the Bears, the Cowboys and others. In a bizarre butt-crack way, it's actually a sign of respect.

Moss has seen his share of these left-handed compliments from Packers fans and was merely giving back in kind. The flap that ensued was started by FOX Sports Joe Buck, who was looking for something bad to say about the Vikings all day apparently, and followed up by the Hee-Haw studio crew after the game. Once set in motion, this non-story took on a life of its own.

The bottom line for Moss is that any time he does or says anything that rubs someone the wrong way, we're all going to be subjected to the stories of the water bottle -- which was six years ago by the way -- and the other stories of Randy's misdemeanor past.

Is Moss deserving of criticism? Sure he is. Throwing a faux moon isn't the smartest thing he could have done. But, knowing why he did it explains a lot -- something none of the people who made it a headline story seem to understand. Consider it a backhanded homage to Packers fans -- or just a case of Moss turning the other cheek.

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