Lewis Stays In Division

Sherm Lewis was the victim of the coaching purge with the Vikes after the 2001 season, but he landed a job in Detroit.

Sherman Lewis is an offensive innovator. That was one of the reasons the Vikings brought him in to be offensive coordinator two years ago.

When Lewis was gas piped along with several veteran coaches when Dennis Green was let go by the Vikings, it was only going to be a matter of time before he got another job in the NFL.

It didn't take long, as Sherman landed in Detroit. While he isn't the offensive coordinator, he is an assistant head coach who will be in charge of bringing clarity to a team devoid of that in 2001, as well as having an intimate knowledge of both the Vikings and the Packers, since he served as offensive coordinator for both.

While the Lions are a team in search of an indentity, with the realignment of the NFL and four-team divisions, having been a part of two of the other three teams can't hurt the Lions. Desperate times call for desperate measures and, if nothing else, Lewis will be able to give the Lions an up close and personal knowledge of the competition in the new NFC North.

* Too early to start looking at the draft? Nah. This weekend, VU will give you the early look at who will be gone and who the Vikes will likely still have on the board when they pick in the April 20 rookie draft. This will be something you won't want to miss. Check in this weekend for the first take on who will be there and who will be gone when the Vikes pick.
* Tony Dungy took one choice off the Vikings' wish list for offensive coordinator when he signed on with the Indianapolis Colts. Dungy, who has a long-term relationship with former Vikings coach Tom Moore, will keep him on in that capcity -- which is why the Colts denied the Vikings the chance to talk to Moore about their own vacancy.

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