15 Vikes Become Free Agents

Vikings fans are all but assured that they've seen the last of Chris Hovan. But what about the rest of the potential free-agent class? VU takes a quick first look.

The Vikings begin the process of the 2005 offseason following the end of their playoff run, and one of the first steps will be addressing their own free-agent needs. Here is a quick look at what they'll be facing:

* Morten Andersen -- Became a field goal liability, he won't be back.
* Chris Claiborne -- Wants to come back, but as a middle linebacker, which likely won't happen. But, the Vikings liked his run in the playoffs and will try to re-sign.
* Billy Conaty -- Teams loves him, but with Matt Birk and Cory Withrow signed, his spot is taken.
* David Dixon -- He wants back for one more year and the Vikings should sign him.
* Gus Frerotte -- Will test the free-agent waters and likely will return.
* Chris Hovan -- See ya.
* Keith Newman -- A valuable backup who earned his roster spot.
* Jermaine Wiggins -- Led the team in receptions, but Vikings won't get in a bidding war.

* Kelly Campbell -- Daunte's buddy likely keeps a roster spot.
* Jose Cortez -- Changes coming at kicker.
* Adam Haayer -- The Vikings like the depth they've developed on the O-line.
* Shaun Hill -- Still viewed as ideal No. 3 quarterback.
* Willie Offord -- Has one more year to earn his place on the roster.
* Brian Russell -- Gets burned too often. Vikings want to keep him, but likely not as a starter.
* Brian Williams -- Got burned too often, but still a player the team plans to build around with Antoine Winfield in the secondary.

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