Is Moss On the Trading Block?

While the Vikings have said nothing publicly about the possibility of trading Randy Moss, speculation has begun that Moss could be landing in three or four different places.

For teams like the Eagles, Falcons, Patriots and Steelers, all the talk is about today's conference championship games. For the other 28 NFL teams, the chatter is centered on what they need to do to reach the Final Four in 2005.

The rumor mill has begun spinning and VU has been asked to field several questions from beat writers in other cities concerning the availability of Randy Moss.

In previous years, any discussion of trading Moss was quickly dismissed for a couple of reasons. The first and most obvious -- and one the could still likely be the main sticking point -- is that the Vikings find Moss too valuable to trade. The second and lesser known was the huge cap hit the Vikings would absorb if Moss was traded.

With Moss entering the fourth year of his eight-year contract, that is becoming less of an issue. While his cap hit would be substantial -- about $9 million if he was traded this offseason -- it's a figure that has become more possible. The question now is whether the Vikings would be willing to do it.

The rumored offers VU has heard about all seem to center on trading the Vikings a wide receiver and draft picks to help the team build its defense. Three teams have emerged as contenders:

* THE RAIDERS -- While this one would likely entail a sign-and-trade with WR Jerry Porter, Al Davis has always had a love thing for Moss and he would give the vertical offense Norv Turner loves a real shot in the arm.

* THE CARDINALS -- Denny Green has always loved Moss and was supportive of him from day one with the Vikings. The rumored deal here would send Anquan Boldin and the Cards No. 1 pick to the Vikings for Moss -- giving Green Moss and Larry Fitzgerald, another player with Green man-love all over him.

* THE JETS -- This one caught us by surprise, since the Jets have either used high draft picks or traded high draft picks in recent years to get wide receiver help. This deal would include trading Santana Moss and at least two picks or Moss, a defensive player and a pick.

* THE RAVENS -- Brian Billick made a splash going hard after Terrell Owens only to be rebuffed. If Moss is available, you can bet he will step up.

The wild card here is whether the Vikings have any interest whatsoever in trading Moss -- which it is possible they don't. If, however, teams get into a trade frenzy and the ante gets kicked up, anything is possible. One thing is for sure -- there are a lot of teams that believe Moss is available and that could lead to the "offer they couldn't refuse" being put on the table in the coming months.

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