Billboards Poke Fun At Moss

While the Vikings are concerning themselves with adding new players to their roster, the Green Bay-area fans are intrigued with a series of billboards poking fun at Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss.

Vikings fans love to poke fun at Green Bay Packers fans. It's no different on the other side of the border, either.

A company purchased a series of four billboards along Aberg Avenue in Madison, Wis., each with a progressive message aimed at Randy Moss keeping in the spirit of the "Priceless" series of MasterCard commercials.

In eastbound traveling order, the signs this week read:

  • "Squirting an Official With a Water Bottle $25,000."

  • "Ramming a Meter Maid $1,200 + Probation."

  • "Mooning Pack Fans $10,000."

  • "Zero Rings for Randy Moss. PRICELESS."

    Vikings fans know all about Moss' blemishes, so we won't go into further detail rehashing his "sins" against the NFL and humanity. And it's hardly a new concept for fans of rival teams to complain about Moss' antics. Even Vikings fans are wont to that past time.

    But the purchaser of this billboard campaign is said to be a company, and that company is to be revealed next week. Here's guessing the owner of the company will culminate the campaign with a bitter poke at Moss' mooning of the Lambeau losers from the Vikings' wild-card playoff win.

    * A number of Vikings draft picks are sure to be playing in today's Senior Bowl, airing at 3 p.m. Central on ESPN2.

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