2005 Base Salaries

A look at the unguaranteed portion of Vikings' player salaries for 2005, and those current Vikings scheduled for free agency in a month.


* Please note that these salaries are base compensation ONLY and are, in many cases, just a minor portion of the what counts against the salary cap. Many contracts have incentives and signing bonuses that count more against the cap than the base salary. The salary cap for every NFL team in 2005 will be 65.5 percent of all shared gate revenues and all shared broadcast revenues (defined gross revenue). ERFA = Exclusive Rights Free Agent; RFA = Restricted Free Agent; UFA = Unrestricted Free Agent.
Source: NFL Players Association.
Andersen, Morten K UFA
Angulo, Richard TE 380,000
Bennett, Darren P 765,000
Bennett, Michael RB 946,000
Berton, Sean TE 380,000
Birk, Matt C 3,250,000
Brown, Ralph CB 535,000
Burleson, Nate WR 380,000
Campbell, Kelly WR $656,000
Chavous, Corey S 1,900,000
Conaty, Billy C UFA
Cortez, Jose K 455,000
Cottrell, T.J. TE 230,000
Cowart, Sam LB 1,000,000
Culpepper, Daunte QB 540,000
Davis, Rod LB 305,000
Dixon, David G UFA
Dorsch, Travis P 305,000
Dorsey, Nat T 305,000
Dugan, Jeff TE 305,000
Elling, Aaron K 380,000
Elliott, Blake WR 305,000
Fife, Jason QB 230,000
Fulton, Skyler WR 230,000
Goldberg, Adam OL 305,000
Haayer, Adam OL RFA
Harris, Napoleon LB 470,000
Henderson, E.J. LB 380,000
Herrera, Anthony OL 305,000
Hill, Shaun QB ERFA
Hoag, Ryan WR 305,000
Hosack, Aaron WR 230,000
Hovan, Chris DT UFA
Howry, Keenan WR 380,000
Hunter, Will CB 230,000
Irvin, Ken DB 1,500,000
Johnson, Brad QB 1,000,000
Johnson, Spencer DT 305,000
Johnstone, Lance DE 825,000
Jones, Rushen CB 380,000
Kleinsasser, Jim TE 1,500,000
Liwienski, Chris G 1,600,000
Loeffler, Cullen LS 305,000
Martin, Steve DT 665,000
McKinnie, Bryant T 700,000
Mixon, Kenny DE 750,000
Moore, Mewelde RB 305,000
Nattiel, Mike LB 380,000
Nelson, Ben WR 305,000
Newman, Keith LB UFA
Newton, Brnadon OL 230,000
Offord, Willie S RFA
Orner, Dan K 230,000
Owens, Richard TE 305,000
Pinderhughes, Brandon S 230,000
Robinson, Marcus WR 1,950,000
Rosenthal, Mike T 540,000
Russell, Brian S RFA
Scott, Darrion DE 305,000
Sharper, Darren S 900,000
Smith, Onterrio RB 380,000
Smith, Raonall LB 490,000
Smoot, Fred CB 1,400,000
Snell, Shannon OL 230,000
Stewart, Quincy LB 445,000
Thomas, Dontarrious LB 305,000
Udeze, Kenechi DE 305,520
Wallace, Butchie RB 230,000
Wiggins, Jermaine TE 550,000
Wiley, Grant LB 305,000
Williams, Brian CB RFA
Williams, Kevin DT 380,000
Willians, Moe RB 665,000
Williams, Pat DT 1,400,000
Winfield, Antoine CB 600,000
Withrow, Cory C 540,000

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