Denials, Denials, Denials

The dog and pony show that is surrounding Randy Moss continues to run at full speed -- not letting trivial things like the facts get in the way of a good story.

Over the past couple of weeks, the Vikings have been facing a lot of negative press -- or at least inaccurate press. Red McCombs released a statement saying that nobody that has covered his potential sale of the team to Reggie Fowler has been accurate. ESPN has pulled random numbers out of thin air in saying it's 60-40 that Randy Moss will get traded, Daunte Culpepper was villainized earlier last week by an AP reporter who misconstrued and some have argued even fabricated the facts. It was hoped with the Super Bowl over, it would stop. But the hits just keep on coming.

On Sunday, the word got spread around once again that McCombs has given the Vikings Rob Brzezinski permission to seek trade offers for Randy Moss -- even though McCombs wasn't at the Super Bowl and, for all intents, is deep in discussions of the sale (which would likely leave the important move of trading Moss to a new owner).

This latest Moss rumor has taken the inaccuracy of reporting to new levels -- McCombs has denied it, Brzezinski has denied it, Mike Tice has denied it and even Moss' agent Dante DiTrapano has denied it.

While Moss could end up traded before the season begins, it's about time those spreading rumors to get ratings or readers start letting the facts factor in. While some team officials might think Moss will be traded, until McCombs (or any new owner) gives the OK, Moss is still a Viking. He may be traded later, but right now those trade talks haven't even been approved.

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