Culpepper Tired of Talking Moss

As Daunte Culpepper continues to get barraged with questions about the status of Randy Moss, he's becoming more forthcoming with his answers.

Daunte Culpepper was supposed to be enjoying himself in Hawaii. The idea was that he was would go there, hang out with the other Pro Bowlers and maybe meet a corporate sponsor or two looking for a 2005 pitchman.

Instead, he's been bombarded with questions about Randy Moss, who is nowhere near Hawaii. What should have been a great time has become a circus and apparently Culpepper wants no more of it.

Speaking with NFL reporter Jay Glazer Thursday, Culpepper didn't mince words about Moss, saying that his antics have become stale and that, if a change is made, he's fine with it either way.

"I tried to smooth things over for the last five years," Culpepper said. "I'm done with it. No more. I'm not having it anymore."

While Culpepper's original statements on the subject were that it wasn't his decision to make and that if he had his way, Moss would be back, his stance has clearly changed. Is it the result of being asked nothing about his record-breaking season for the Vikings? Maybe. But, for those who didn't think there was a chance the Vikings would trade Moss, hearing Culpepper talk about the potential of "life after Randy" has to be unsettling -- and perhaps a sign of things to come.

* A television report Thursday night out of Minneapolis claims Red McCombs and Reggie Fowler are nearing an agreement. However, nothing is settled yet and Glen Taylor remains ominously waiting in the wings -- claiming Thursday if he buys the team there is a much better chance of getting a new stadium deal through the State Legislature.
* The Vikings concluded the second round of talks with their potential QB coaches, having met twice with both Kevin Higgins and Rich Olson. A decision is expected by the middle of next week.

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