Homina, Homina, Homina

Embellishments aren't that uncommon in the real world -- many VU employees would likely be released if held to the letter of their own resumes. But, when you're trying to impress 31 other owners to let you into the NFL, stretching the truth could be a problematic issue.

When Reggie Fowler conducted his press conference Monday, a resume of his accomplishments almost immediately came under scrutiny.

The first thing that caught VU's attention was a listing that he played for the Cincinnati Bengals in 1982. Why? Because back in the days of the old AWA wrestling organization, wrestlers who claimed to have a football background invariably claimed they played for the Bengals -- at that time something of a Siberia among NFL teams. People were sent there, but never heard from. Even former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura claimed to have played for the Bengals (he didn't).

It didn't take long to see that this claim wasn't on the up and up. VU staffers grabbed a Bengals media guide and Fowler's name didn't appear. But, that was merely the tip of the iceberg.

Other claims made by Fowler included playing with the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL, playing in the Little League World Series and studying business at the University of Wyoming -- none of which proved to be accurate.

While such embellishments on a resume cost George O'Leary a plum job as head coach of Notre Dame, the same isn't expected to happen with Fowler's bid for ownership of the Vikings. But, if nothing else, it give those who question his financial ability to own an NFL team ammunition -- which can't be good under any reading.

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