Linehan Accepts Offensive Coordinator Job

As reported yesterday, VU has confirmed that Scott Linehan is the new offensive coordinator of the Vikings.

Yesterday, VU got word that before Mike Tice took off for New Orleans, the job of offensive coordinator was offered to Louisville University OC Scott Linehan.

Today, we got confirmation it's a done deal. Linehan himself admitted he got the job, saying, "They offered to me. I accepted."

While the Vikings are still mum on the situation, Louisville officials are moving on with their own coaching search, accepting the inevitable.

Check the VU archives for a background on Linehan. He's the man ... whether the Vikes are saying he is yet or not.

* Daunte Culpepper is in New Orleans and was supposed to take part in a basketball charity event sponsored by San Francisco WR Terrell Owens. But, because of his knee situation, Daunte will be an autorgraph signing spectator, not a participant.
* Emmitt Thomas was speculated to be a frontrunner for the defensive coordinator job in Washington, but instead accepted a job as the defensive backs coach for the Atlanta Falcons.
* Denny Green is likely to be dismissed from the Korey Stringer wrongful death lawsuit, but because of bad legalese -- the language of litigation -- that implicates him in Stringer's death. Green attorney Robert Weinstine said Green will likely be excused from the proceedings because of a language discrepancy in the court documents filed by Stringer's widow Kelci. Weinstine expects a summary judgment that will take Green out of the picture in the pending lawsuit.
* What would a Super Bowl be without Cris Carter being in the news? A year ago, he held a press conference to say he wasn't retiring -- a bizarre and largely unprecedented move -- and much is the same now. Carter said that, while he will speak with the Vikings before signing another deal, he wants a Super Bowl ring and isn't convinced he get one with the Vikes. While teams like the Saints, Dolphins and Broncos are being thrown out, he has little chance to land with any of them because they are essentially set. Others being mentioned publicly are the Eagles, Ravens and Rams -- all possibilies, including the Rams if they lose Az Hakim to free agency. But the one name VU keeps hearing that nobody else is mentioning is the Colts. We've been reporting an Indy interest for a month and, with Tom Moore and now Tony Dungy in the fold, it is more than mere speculation. Expect to hear the Colts coming up in discussions in the near future in the national media -- but also remember that VU told you in January.

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