Campbell Arrested In Georgia

Vikings wide receiver Kelly Campbell was arrested Thursday in Georgia on charges of possession of a stolen handgun and a half ounce of marijuana.

With the Vikings wide receiver corps thinned permanently with the trade of Randy Moss, Kelly Campbell may have done his part to add to the thinning process.

Campbell, a player who has found himself in and out of Mike Tice's doghouse because of his over-the-top personality, was arrested in Atlanta and charged with possession of a stolen handgun and marijuana possession.

According to police records, Campbell passed three cars by going into an oncoming traffic lane and was pulled over by police. The officer claimed a strong smell of marijuana came out of Campbell's 2003 Denali when he lowered the window.

A search discovered a handgun that had been reported stolen and 16 grams of marijuana. Campbell posted a personal bond and was released.

Asked for comment at the Combine, Tice declined to give a statement pending hearing the particulars of the incident.

* Moss is getting the golden treatment by the Raiders. After expressing concern about the Raiders, the team sent former Raider greats Fred Biletnikoff and Willie Brown to meet with Moss in Florida.
* Moss has opted not to buy his No. 84 from Jerry Porter. VU has said he will likely wear No. 18 -- the same number he wore in the preseason as a rookie in 1998. At the time, the NFL required wide receivers to wear numbers in the 80s if any were available. That rule has since been thrown out.
* Moss' agent Dante DiTrapano said Friday that Moss has been frustrated with Red McCombs' unwillingness to spend up to the salary cap despite having plenty of room the last two years.

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