McCombs Considered Firing Tice

During a press conference that was called to discuss Randy Moss, ownership and other issues under Red McCombs' command, the owner said he considered firing Mike Tice during the 2004 season.

It was a press conference called Thursday morning mainly to discuss the finalized trade of Randy Moss. But when owner Red McCombs talked about his "serious" consideration of firing head coach Mike Tice during the final half of the season, those comments will almost surely overshadow the Moss trade in tomorrow's headlines.

McCombs used his portion of this morning's series of press conferences to affirm that he believes Reggie Fowler can buy the team, but more time was spent discussing the trade of Randy Moss and some candid comments about Mike Tice.

To the shock of many, McCombs, who re-signed Tice before the final regular-season game, said he was considering firing the head coach because he wasn't leading the team in the direction he thought they should be going and had much more to offer in the way of incorporating Moss in the offense.

McCombs said that during Moss' struggles with a hamstring injury, he considered firing Tice. At the end of McCombs' seventh year of ownership, McCombs said, "we really haven't accomplished anything."

McCombs said he hadn't told anyone of this before today and that he informed Tice of it only an hour before this morning's press conference.

"I seriously considered making that change," McCombs said. "That was about the time Randy was coming off his injury."

When asked for his response, Tice joked that maybe he considered quitting too. Another memeber of the organization said McCombs' comments were meant to illustrate the importance of Moss.

Said McCombs: "You could look at it in the end that I decided we would be better off with Mike."

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