Who Will Replace Moss?

The shock of the Randy Moss trade is now over, but the question still looms -- who will be the next go-to guy in the passing offense?

With Randy Moss now looking shockingly bubbly and upbeat and Red McCombs spouting off that he was willing to fire his coach to make his star receiver happy, the Vikings now move on.

But the question remains: How do the Vikings address their new need at wide receiver -- a position that hasn't really been a priority since before Moss was drafted and Cris Carter and Jake Reed routinely racked up 1,000-yard seasons.

The Vikings have several options. Some have speculated the team will invest big money in Steelers wide receiver Plaxico Burress. Others have said they will use the No. 7 pick in the draft to take someone like Braylon Edwards or Mike Williams.

Which will happen? Perhaps neither. The Vikings might take the low-ball route and try to sign a veteran like Travis Taylor and use their second pick in the first round -- not their first -- to grab a wide receiver like Mark Clayton or Troy Williamson at No. 18.

What the team needs to do now is figure where their best value at replacing Moss is -- bringing in a spendy veteran or taking a gamble on one of the top college wide receivers. They should make a firm decision one way or the other before proceeding. If they don't sign someone within the next couple of weeks, you can assume they chose the latter.

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