No Burress ... At Least Not Now

Those wondering why the Vikings haven't made a strong push for Plaxico Burress may want to take a big-picture look at what the Steelers are (and aren't) doing.

It didn't come as any big surprise that the Vikings haven't become involved in a full-tilt run for wide receiver Plaxico Burress, whom many believe is the closest immediate fix the Vikings could have to replacing Randy Moss. Over the weekend VU was in touch with a source with the Steelers and the similarities with Moss may be more off the field than on.

When asked if there was any truth to the rumors that the Vikings were heating up interest in Burress, our Pittsburgh source said that was news. What's also news is that the Steelers, who aren't exactly swimming in wideout depth themselves, have made no effort to date to re-sign him.

"The Steelers have always been a team on a budget," our source said. "If he hadn't been willing to work down to a lower number, the team would have cut Jerome Bettis after the great season he had in 2004. That's they way the team operates."

Considering the Steelers are coming off an AFC-record 15-1 season, the thought was that it was critical not to upset the balance that helped them be the most dominant team in the NFL during the regular season. But, as it pertains to Burress, the push isn't the same.

"(Burress) has complained he didn't see the ball enough and wants to be the go-to guy," our source said. "He is looking for a big contract, but isn't convinced it will be coming from Pittsburgh. But, with all the players moving in this first week, not only hasn't he been one of the hot names on people's lists, he hasn't even had a visit with anyone yet."

Burress will meet with the Giants this week, but, as the downside of Burress was explained, it seemed to almost mirror the same type of arguments and claims made about Randy Moss -- which could explain why (for now anyway) the Vikings won't be getting in a bidding war for Burress.

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