Linehan Toes the Moss Mantra

New offensive coordinator Scott Linehan was introduced to the media Tuesday at Winter Park and continued the Moss party line.

There are those who will say Randy Moss cost Dennis Green his job, since Green would not take Moss to the carpet despite comments seen by almost everyone else as detrimental to the team.

Yet, when Mike Tice was hired as new head coach, the first point he made was that Moss needs to get the ball more -- 25 percent of plays as he saw it.

Tuesday, as Scott Linehan was introduced to the local media as the new offensive coordinator, the same party line was being sent forth -- get Moss the ball.

Linehan said "one of the smartest things (Tice) said was to get Randy involved," Linehan said. It's clear that he intends to make Moss the centerpiece of the Vikings offense.

Whether opposing defenses will try to shut down Moss even more is uncertain, but one thing is being made painfully clear to them -- Moss won't be a decoy in 2002 and likely won't have the chance to take too many plays off.

* A curious note from Tuesday's press conference. Linehan made a point to talk about the virtues of Moss, Byron Chamberlain and Michael Bennett in one general statement about the offense. One name surprisingly absent from his commentary at that point was Daunte Culpepper. He talked about Culpepper's abilities when asked directly about them later in the press conference, but didn't mention them until prodded. Something to ponder.
* The Vikings special teams coach search is getting almost as ridiculous as the Tampa Bay post-Dungy era. Tice is going to interview former Steelers special teams coach Jay Hayes today and has at least three more interviews scheduled. By the time all is said and done, he will have spoken with a dozen coaches or more. Replacing Gary Zauner can't be that tough.
* VU is holding on an interesting story about the Vikings coaching situation, looking to get some followup on a surprising take on how the decisions have been made on the post-Green regime. Hopefully, we can cover the bases on background information and have the story as early as tomorrow. But, for now, we ask that you stay tuned. It's interesting to say the least.
* The Vikes allocated seven players to NFL Europe -- K Andy Crosland, OL Lewis Kelly, TE Jeff Kostrewa, CB Mesene Louisdor, OL Mike Malano, RB DeWayne Miles and QB Romaro Miller.

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